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The Reports page in Connect Back Office is used to access standard reports available for Back Office users. Reports functionality in Back Office allows users, in real time, to review critical data and changes affecting the financial status of practices.

There are a number of reports available from Connect Back Office:

Also see the Reports (Portal) topic for an overview and descriptions of the different categories, types, and modes for the reports listed below.

Reports with an asterisk (*) can only be run from the Classic tab of Back Office and are not available from the Back Office Modern tab or Portal.



12 Month Payment Waterfall SummaryAnalyze payments for the previous 12 accounting periods as they relate to the charges dates of service.
13 Month Financial Activity SummaryAnalyze monthly transactions for a 13 month accounting range.
Account Adjustment Analysis DetailAnalyze miscellaneous adjustment activity for an accounting or posting period.
Account Note DetailAnalyzes guarantor notes.
Anesthesia Case Utilization - Case OutputAnalyze anesthesia-related case activity for specified dates of service.
Anesthesia Case Utilization - Performing Provider OutputAnalyze anesthesia-related provider activity for specified dates of service.
AR Activity SummaryAnalyze accounts receivable activity by transaction type for a specified date range.
AR Aging*Analyze outstanding accounts receivable for outstanding balances.
AR Aging Analysis DetailAnalyze procedure level information for outstanding balances.
Audit TrailReview updates to Admin and Security topics, e.g., Users, Roles, Password Policy.
Billed vs. Expected vs. Collected SummaryAnalyze billed vs. expected vs. collected data for specified dates of service.
Billing Analysis Group by Procedure SummaryAnalyze billing procedures as part of End of Month reporting.
Case Analysis DetailAnalyze posted or unposted case information. 
Case Hold DetailAnalyze case hold reason detail.

Case Mix Trend Summary

Analyze case count mix for specified dates of service.
Case Outcome DetailAnalyze case level outcome details.
Charge Analysis DetailAnalyze posted charges and related financial activity for specified dates of service.
Charge Entry Productivity DetailAnalyze charge entry productivity.
Charge Mix Trend SummaryAnalyze posted charges mix for a specified date range.
Charge Payment Posting SummaryBalance charges posted to various accounting reports during month end analysis.
Claim Activity DetailAnalyzes electronic and paper claim activity for a specified date range. 

Collection Trend Analysis Summary

Analyze collection activity for a specified date range.
Credit Balances DetailAnalyze credit balances.
Deposit Analysis DetailAnalyze deposit details for a specified date range.
Deposit Analysis SummaryAnalyze a deposit summary for a specified date range.
Diagnosis/Procedure Count SummaryAnalyze diagnosis and procedure code usage for specified dates of service.
Elapsed Time Analysis DetailAnalyze elapsed time ranges between key milestones in the billing process.
ePreop Extract*Generate ePreop extract.
External Collection Analysis DetailAnalyzes posted external collection transactions and related financial activity for a specified date range.
External Collection Payment DetailAnalyzes external collection payment details.
Facility DetailsReview facility configurations.
Fides Report*Generate extract of quality data to export to Fides.
Financial Activity Summary*Analyze monthly or daily transactions for a specified date range.

Financial Activity Summary - Detail Reports:

Analyze account transactions at a detailed level.

Guarantor Collection Actions Detail

Analyze collector activity for guarantor collections.
Insurance Collection Actions DetailAnalyze collector activity for insurance collections.
Insurance Followup Detail*Utilize as a tool to review or work outstanding balances, based on date of service criteria.
Insurance Payment Denial DetailAnalyze insurance denials for specified date range.

Patient Responsibility Detail

Analyze open or closed patient balances.
Payer Mix SummaryAnalyze monthly or daily transactions for a specified date range.
Payment Analysis DetailAnalyze posted payment details.
Payment Batch DetailAnalyze details of payment batch at time of posting.
Payment Entry Productivity DetailAnalyze posted charges and related financial activity for specified dates of service.
Payment Mix Trend SummaryAnalyze posted payments mix for a specified date range.
Plan DetailsReview insurance plan configurations.
Practice Performance AnalysisAnalyze overall performance of the practice based on case count and units, payments versus charges billed, and percentage collected versus expected amount.
Practice Performance SummaryAnalyze charges, payments, and adjustments for a specified date range.
Practice Performance Summary (DOS)Analyze charges for specified dates of service, and all associated transactions for those dates of service.
Production Analysis SummaryAnalyze productivity for practices, payers, plans, facilities and providers for specified dates of service.
Provider DetailsReview details for rendering and referring providers.
Survey Vitals Extract*Generate survey file extract.

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