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The Reports page is used to conveniently generate standard reports found in Connect Portal.

There are five tabs available on this page:

The Modern tab houses the new and updated reports created as part of Release 4.2 (and ongoing).

The Classic tab houses a select number of reports which were not updated as part of Release 4.2. The report functionality - execution, filtering, etc. for these reports remains as it was prior to Release 4.2. (Note: These reports will be updated as part of a future release.)



12 Month Payment Waterfall Summary

13 Month Financial Activity

Account Adjustment Analysis Detail

Account Note Detail

Anesthesia Case Utilization – Case Output

Anesthesia Case Utilization – Performing Provider Output

AR Activity Summary

AR Aging Analysis Detail

Audit Trail

Billed vs. Expected vs. Collected Summary

Case Analysis Detail

Case Mix Trend Summary

Case Outcome Detail

Charge Analysis Detail

Charge Entry Productivity Detail

Charge Mix Trend Summary

Claim Activity Detail

Collection Trend Analysis Summary

Credit Balances Detail

Deposit Analysis Detail

Deposit Analysis Summary

Diagnosis/Procedure Count Summary

Elapsed Time Analysis Detail

External Collection Analysis Detail

External Collection Payment Detail

Facility Detail

Financial Activity Summary - Detail Reports:

  • Charges Billed
  • Payments to Line Items
  • Payments to On Account
  • Contractual Write-Off
  • Insurance Withhold
  • Refunds from AR
  • Misc Adjustments
  • External Collections

Guarantor Collection Actions Detail

Insurance Collection Actions Detail

Insurance Payment Denial Detail

Patient Responsibility Detail

Payer Mix Summary

Payment Entry Productivity Detail

Payment Mix Trend Summary

Plan Detail

Practice Performance Analysis

Practice Performance Summary

Practice Performance Summary (DOS)

Production Analysis Summary

Provider Details

AR Aging

ePreop Data Extract

Fides - Quality Data Collection

Financial Activity Summary

Insurance Followup

Survey Vitals


How to Get Here?

From the Home Page:From the Menus:
  • Click Reports from the Manage list 
  • Open the Manage menu and select Reports.



Field Definitions







(Pulled from system Reports)


The name of the report folders and the reports housed in the folder.



(Pulled from system Reports)

YesThe high-level description of the report.


(Pulled from system Reports)


The category classification of the report. The available categories include: Financial, Aging, Productivity, Management, Third Party, and System.

Button Descriptions


Shortcut Keys


Step-By-Step Guides

Run[Alt] + [R]

To execute a report from the list of reports.

Running Reports
Delete [Alt] + [D]

To delete a report from a folder.

Only customized reports can be deleted. System reports found in the System folder cannot be deleted.
  1. Select a report to be deleted.
  2. Click Delete. The report is deleted from the system.
Schedule[Alt] + [S]To schedule the execution of a report for a certain date/time.Scheduling Reports 





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