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The Reports page is used to conveniently generate standard reports found in Connect Portal.

There are five tabs available on this page:

The Find Report tab facilitates the ability to search for reports based on your output needs. As an example, locating a detailed date of service report that includes charges.

  1. Select needed report criteria in the Criteria section and click Search. The reports meeting the selected criteria are displayed in the Reports section.
  2. Select a report from the results and click Run to execute the report.

How to Get Here?

From the Home Page:From the Menus:
  1. Click Reports from the Manage list.
  2. Click the Find Report tab.
  1. Open the Manage menu and select Reports.
  2. Click the Find Report tab.



Field Definitions





Criteria Section  Provides selection criteria to designate the information needed in your report.

The type of report. Options include:

  • Standard - if selected, the other selection criteria options (Output, Date Mode, Filter, Detail) are available to further define the report search
  • Administration - if selected, only Administrative reports are listed in the Reports section.
  • Productivity - if selected, only Productivity reports are listed in the Reports section.

The output of the report. Options include:

  • Detail
  • Summary
Date ModeCheckboxNo

The date mode of the report. Options include:

  • Date of Service
  • Accounting Date
  • Posted Date
  • Created Date
  • Days Outstanding

Identify a filter option available in the report. Options include:

  • Rendering Provider
  • Provider Group
  • Facility
  • Payer
  • Plan
  • Financial Class
  • Case Reporting Type
  • Procedure Category
  • Group By

Identify a field or piece of data available in the report. Options include:

  • Charges
  • Payments
  • Contractual Adjustments
  • Miscellaneous Adjustments
  • Refunds
  • Expected Amount
  • Anesthesia Units
  • Procedure Count
  • Case Count
  • AR
  • Denials
Reports Section  Provides access to reports that meet the specified information from the Criteria section.


(Pulled from system Reports)

YesThe name of the report.


(Pulled from system Reports)

YesThe high-level description of the report.


(Pulled from system Reports)

YesThe category classification of the report. The available categories include: Financial, Aging, Productivity, Management, Third Party, and System.

Button Descriptions


Shortcut Keys


Step-By-Step Guides

Search[Alt] + [S]

To search for reports that include specific criteria.

  1. Select the search criteria to locate the report with the needed information.
  2. Click Search. The Report section is updated with reports that meet the designated search criteria.
Run[Alt] + [R]To execute a report.Running Reports





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