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About Connect Help

 What's New?

Support Documentation

Welcome to Connect, a platform consisting of multiple applications used for managing elements related to medical billing.

The Help Documentation guides you through using Connect via topics which provide:

  • Page, window, and field definitions
  • Step-by-step guides for common system processes
  • Links to helpful training videos and support documentation
  • Access to current and past release notes

Connect Help is currently under construction. Additional topics are forthcoming and will be added to the site as they are written.

The latest Connect release is 21.6. Highlights of this release include the following:


  • Updated the AR grid to display the correct Payment Type for all Guarantor, Insurance, and External Collection payments.
    • If no Payment Type exists, it will display as Check.
    • The Payment Type cannot be changed after the payment has posted.
    • Updated Credit Card payments to display as Credit Card.
  • A Type filter was added to the Account / Notes tab to differentiate between different note types, including Collection notes.
  • Fixed Issue generating an error message when creating an Account Note and pressing the <BACKSPACE> key.

Adjustment Codes

  • Fixed issue causing the Effect column to display blank on the Adjustment Codes

Charge Batches

  • Added the Patient Name to the Charge Batch / Concurrency Log / Anesthesia Case Provider Time table to provide users quick visual reference to the information when reviewing the Concurrency Log.
  • Updated the logic on Charge Batches to allow accounting dates to be entered for a date up to 14 days in the future.

Charge Entry

  • Fixed issue generating an error message when updating Directed Provider Time on a case and trying to save the changes.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from saving a Case Hold Reason on a case if no note is entered.

Code Updates

  • Updated Diagnosis Codes.

Collection Letters

  • Added the ability to delete collection letters from the Collection Letters
  • Added the Collection Letters Delete permission to the Role page for Back Office.

Collections Admin

  • New Force Collection Action Notes to show as Account Notes option added to the Collections Admin / Guarantor Collections and Collections Admin / Insurance Collections When selected, all collection action notes will automatically display on the Account / Notes tab as Collection notes.


  • New Show on Account Notes option added to the Create Action window in Collections. If no enterprise rule or practice rule is set for account notes, selecting this option facilitates adding the note to the Account / Notes tab without having to do a copy/paste action.

Denial Management

  • Fixed issue causing Code and Description fields to be disabled for non-Admin users with View and Create permissions.  


  • Renamed the Create and Delete buttons on the Mobile page to Add and Remove.

Password Policy

  • Validation added to Password Policy to not allow Reset account lockout counter after field to be null if the Account lockout threshold and Account lockout duration fields are populated.

Payers & Plans

  • New Set physical status modifiers to first position option added to the Plan / Anesthesia tab / Custom Logic section. If selected, the Physical Status Modifier is appended to the first modifier position on both paper and electronic claims.

Modified options and functionality in the Plan / Claims tab / Plan Claim Options section:

  • Procedure record 99100 is appended to the case if the following are true:
    • The Plan allows extreme age modifier option is selected for the insurance plan
    • An anesthesia procedure is added to the case
    • The patient is of ‘extreme age’ (<1 or >70)
    • Procedure 99100 is not already on the case
  • Procedure record 99140 is appended to the case if the following are true:
    • The Plan allows emergency condition modifier option is selected for the insurance plan
    • An anesthesia procedure is added to the case
    • The case is marked as an ‘Emergency’
    • Procedure 99140 is not already on the case​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Fixed issue causing the Insurance Payment form to cut off the New Balance and Collection columns.

Payment Batches

  • Added Acct Date field and Account Date filter to the Payment Batches tab.


  • Fixed functionality to restrict users with “View Only” permission from saving and applying updates in Admin to:
    • EDC Interface Configuration
    • External Collection Agencies


  • The prepend text previously added to the beginning of the Memo description on a refund check (e.g., Refund to Insurance, Refund from Suspense) was removed to provide additional space for displaying more of the specific refund description text.
    • These edits apply to both Print and Reprint functionality.

Report Permissions

  • Fixed issue generating an error message when creating a new folder and assigning to a role.
  • Fixed functionality to allow addition of Roles to an existing folder.


  • Case Reporting Type added as a Group By search option to the:
    • Financial Activity Summary (Classic) report
    • 13 Month Financial Activity (Modern) report
    • Payer Mix Summary (Modern) report
  • Fixed issue causing an update to the Begin Date of a scheduled report to not save in Portal.

Support Menu

  • Added Email Support link to the Support menu.

To view the full release notes for the current Connect release, click here

Latest Training Tutorials

Some Help topics include video tutorials, tip sheets, or how-to-guides, which provide visual, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. Click one of the links below to access the topics with related materials.

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