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Complete this task to run or execute a report in Connect.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Reports page, select the report to run from the list of reports.


Click Run. The Parameters window opens.

The Parameters window displayed here is only an example. The available fields vary depending on the report being run. 
3Select the filter and search parameters for the report.

To save the search/filter criteria for reuse the next time the report is executed:

  1. Click the Save / Save As button.
    • Notes:
      • Clicking Save overwrites the current filters saved for the report. The Save option is not available for system reports because they cannot be overwritten.
      • Clicking Save As creates a saved report for the newly configured filter criteria.
  2. The Save Report As window opens.
  3. Enter the Name for the report.
  4. Open the Folder drop down list and select a folder to store the report.
  5. Click OK.

The saved report can be found on the Reports tab in the folder in which it was saved.

4Click Run. The selected report page opens in Connect Back Office.

To show or hide columns displayed in your Back Office report:

Click the icon on the far-right end of the report's column headers. A list of the available columns for that report is displayed.

  (Fields displayed vary by report.)

  • Show or hide the columns displayed in the Back Office report by selecting or deselecting an option from the list.






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