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Every report contains its own set of relevant information, but some of the reports' calculated fields can be found in more than one report. In some instances, a field may be labeled differently from one report to another, but the calculated field value is the same in all reports.

The graphics below provide an overview of different data elements, the different reports in which they can be found, and their associated field name within each report. 

  • The element noted in the center circle is balanced in all the reports listed in the lighter blue surrounding circles. 
  • For each report, the name of the corresponding field holding the element data is listed in ALL CAPS beneath the report name. 

For detail reports, you must run the report in Accounting Mode for the information to balance back.
For example, when looking at the Charges graphic, the BILLED field in the Practice Performance Summary Report balances with, or matches, the CHARGES BILLED field value in the Financial Activity Summary Report. You can cross-check these fields to ensure that the related element, Charges in this case, balances across all related reports.

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Billed Total Units

Case Count


Contractual Write-off

Expected Amount

External Collections

Miscellaneous Adjustments


Procedure Count


RVU Work


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