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Complete this task to create a scheduled report execution in Connect. Reports can be scheduled for a single, specific time or on a recurring basis.

A maximum of 10 reports can be scheduled at a time. 

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Reports / Modern tab, select the report you would like to schedule.

2Click Schedule. The Schedule Job window opens with the Criteria tab displayed.

The Schedule Job window varies based on which report is being scheduled. The available Criteria tab fields are dependent upon the report and the information included in it.

Example windows:

12 Month Payment Waterfall Summary

Anesthesia Case Utilization - Case Output

3Enter the relevant criteria in the Criteria tab.

The Report Folder field is optional and defaults to System, but if you'd like the report placed in a specific folder location, open the drop down list and select a folder. Only folders to which you have access are displayed.


Click the Schedule tab.


Enter the Configuration information for the scheduled report:

  • Begin date - date to first execute the report
  • End date - date to stop executing the report (if applicable)
  • Time - time to execute the report
  • Recurrence - frequency to execute the report
  • Job Name - name to identify the scheduled report execution

If Weekly is selected for the Recurrence, you will need to select the day of the week to run the report.

If Monthly is selected for the Recurrence, you will need to select the date in the month to run the report.


Enter the Notification information for the scheduled report:

  • Method - means to be notified when the report execution has been completed; options include: Internal or Email.

If Internal is selected for the Method, you will need to select the user to receive the notification in their Messages.

If Email is selected for the Method, you will need to enter the email address to receive the notification.

7Click Save.
The scheduled job appears in the list of jobs found on the Reports / Scheduled tab.






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