Complete this task to select and suspend one or more service fee lines in pre-collections. The selected service fee lines are imported into the Stop file, which is exported to the pre-collections service. 

The Stop Pre-Coll button, the next Stop File will send the patient with a SS (Suspend) status.

  • The patient is no longer highlighted in blue and running a Start File will once again include the patient. (To not include the patient in the Start File, use the Suspend Pre-Coll button instead of Stop Pre-Coll.)
  • To return the suspended patient to Pre-Collections, you must access your TSI Portal and reactivate the patient.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab of the guarantor account, select the service fee line to stop the pre-collections process.

The color of the Pre-Collections service fee line is defined by the AR Grid Legend, located at the top of the Active AR tab.


Click Stop Pre-Coll. The Stop Pre-Collection window opens with a list of all service fee lines in pre-collections.

3Select one or more service fee lines to stop the pre-collections process.
4Click OK. The service fee lines are no longer highlighted as pre-collections.
5Open the Pre-Collection / Stop Files tab to create and export the Stop file to be sent to the pre-collections service.

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