Complete this task to create a payment plan on a guarantor account. The account must have an outstanding balance of service fee line items in guarantor responsibility. I

If the account has a payment plan, the following text appears across the top of the Active AR tab. A Payment Plan is active for this account. 

When a payment plan is already active on the account, any new service fee line balances in guarantor responsibility are automatically added to the payment plan. You do not need to create a new one.

Step-By-Step Guide




From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab of the guarantor account or the Collections > Guarantor tab (with the account selected), click Payment Plan. The Payment Plan window opens.

2Enter the amount of the payment for the payment plan in the Payment Amount field.
3In the Payment Interval section, select the frequency in which the payment is due: Monthly or Specified number of days.
4Enter or select the date of the first payment in the First Payment Date field.
5Enter any additional information about the payment plan in the Add Additional Note field.
6Click Save. The account is flagged with the following text: A Payment Plan is active for this account.

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