Complete this task to adjust the balance of a service fee line item. 

You can apply a positive or negative miscellaneous adjustment to a service fee line item. The adjustment will appear as either MADJN (negative adjustment) or MADJP (positive adjustment) activity code under its parent service fee (SVCFE) line item. The type of adjustment made is determined by the transaction code specified.

If your practice is configured for accounting dates, the Account Date option is required. If your practice is not configured for accounting dates, the Accounting Date option is not available.

This button is disabled if the SVCFE line is reversed and SVCFE balance is $0.

Step-By-Step Guide




From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab, click the service fee (SVFCE) line item to adjust.


Click Adjust Line. The Service Line Adjustment window opens.

3Open the Type drop down list and select the type of transaction code for the adjustment to apply: positive or negative.
4Enter the amount of the adjustment in the Amount field. The Adjustment Balance value is updated either negatively or positively based on the transaction code selected.
5Enter the date to use as the accounting date for this transaction in the Accounting Date field. If your practice is not configured for accounting date, this option is not available.
6Click OK to save. The service fee line item is updated to show the appropriate miscellaneous activity code and transaction code of the adjustment that was applied. The unpaid balance of the service fee line item is updated accordingly.

The following example shows the SVCFE line item before an adjustment was applied.

The following example show the same SVCFE line item after the NOCON (No Consent Form) adjustment was applied.

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