Complete this task to preview images attached to a charge or payment. If the charge or payment has an attached image, the  icon is shown next to the activity code: SVCFE, IPYMT, GPYMT, or EPYMT. 

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From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab of the guarantor account, select a line item with the attachment indicator () next to it.

Use the Filter by DOS option to filter the service fee line items by date of service. You can either type the date in the space provided or use the Calendar Control tool by clicking the arrow and selecting the date on the calendar that appears. To include all service fee lines items, clear the date from the Filter by DOS field.

Click View Attachment. The Image Viewer [Batch ID] window opens.

The images in the image set appear as thumbnails in the thumbnail pane.
3Open the Set ID drop down list and select the image set that contains the images to view.
4In the thumbnail pane, select the thumbnail of the image to view.
  • Use the scroll bar to view the images. Each thumbnail of the image is sequentially numbered.
  • Open the Scale drop down list to select a magnification for the image.

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