Only users with the Role Right: Account - Merge (Update) are able to perform this activity.

Complete this task to merge a guarantor account with another guarantor account when the same guarantor has multiple accounts. When a guarantor is associated with one or more accounts and is responsible for different patients, a merge may be necessary. 

For example, a guarantor has an account for himself and an account for his spouse. In this example, the account for his spouse is merged with the guarantor's account. The account you specify in this window becomes the primary guarantor account. 

All transactions and notes will be merged from one account to the target account. The account being merged will still exist, but will not have any transactions or notes associated with it.

This action cannot be reversed.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information 


From the Act: [ID] > General tab of the guarantor being merged into another guarantor account, click Merge. The Merge Account (ID) window opens.




Enter the Guarantor Account ID of the account being merged into the Merge into account field.

(Alternative) Click the to open the Search Criteria window and search for the account.

Click OK. The confirmation window opens.

4Click OK to merge the accounts. Upon confirmation, the accounts are merged into one account. The Active AR tab now is blank for the account that was merged.
5Open the target account and verify the transactions from the other guarantor account appear in the Active AR tab.

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