Complete this task to refund a guarantor (GPYMT) or insurance (IPYMT) payment applied to a guarantor account. The refund comes from either a guarantor or insurance payment applied to a service fee line (SVCFE) or an on-account transaction (ONACCT). 

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From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab of the guarantor account, select the GPYMT or IPYMT to refund.

Use the Filter by DOS option to filter the service fee line items by date of service. You can either type the date in the space provided or use the Calendar Control tool by clicking the arrow and selecting the date on the calendar that appears. To include all service fee lines items, clear the date from the Filter by DOS field.

The Refund button is also accessible via the Credit Balances > Service Lines or Credit Balances > On Account tabs.


Click Refund. The Payment Refund window opens.

The Payment Information section displays the details of the selected payment (GPYMT or IPYMT).

Payment #The identification number of the payment.
AccountThe guarantor account number.
BilledThe amount that was billed for the service.
BalanceThe outstanding balance on the service line item.
New BalanceThe balance after the refund amount is applied.
ProviderThe name of the provider who rendered services (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name).
PatientThe name of the patient (Last Name, First Name).
ProcedureThe procedure codes that were billed.
DOSThe date of service.

Enter the amounts to refund in the Refund fields.

  • For a guarantor payment, you can only refund the payment amount.
  • For an insurance payment, you can refund the payment amount and reverse the Contractual Write-off (CWOFF) amount or the withholding (WHOLD) amount. The CWOFF and WHOLD are originally processed as adjustments. The offsetting entries for these transactions are ADCWO (for the contractual write-off) and ADWHD (for the withhold).
4Enter any additional information (reason) about the refund in the Refund Description field.
This information will be included on the Refunds page for the entry, and additionally, appear in the Transaction report for the refund transaction.

Verify the name and address of the recipient is correct in the Refund Details section.

If the recipient is someone other than the guarantor or payer, enter the information for whom the refund will be issued and mailed in the appropriate fields.

  • For a guarantor payment, the information in these fields should be the guarantor name and address. See the address requirements listed previously for either national or international addresses.
  • For an insurance payment, the information is the payer name and address.
6Click OK. The REFND sub-entry code appears under the payment type (GPYMT or IPYMT) activity code you selected in Step 1 as Pending. An entry for this refund is recorded on the Refunds page.
7Post the refund.
The refund must be posted via the Refunds page in order to complete the payment refund.

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