Complete this task to void a claim sent in error. The Void Claim (Rebill 3) Rebill Type resends the selected claim and communicates to the payer (electronically or on paper), that the claim is now void. 

You may only void a claim if it contains a payment with an entered payer control number.

Step-By-Step Guide



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From the Act: [ID] > Active AR tab of the account with the claim to void, click the sub-entry of the claim to void.

You can click any of the following sub-entries for the SVCFE transaction code:

  • CLAIM-E (electronic claim)

  • REBILL-E (rebilled electronic claim)

  • CLAIM-P (paper claim)

  • REBILL-P (rebilled paper claim)


Click Rebill. The Rebill Type window opens.

3Select the Void Claim option.


Click Next. The following occurs:

  • For voided electronic claims, the claim is reset with a frequency code of 8 in the CLM05-3 data loop. A new entry appears in the Claims. Electronic Claims tab table, displaying the resent claim with a different claim number and the voided claim number in parentheses (Claim column).
  • For a voided paper claim, a status code of 8 populates in Box 22a (Resubmission Code) and the Payer Control Number in Box 22b (Original Ref. No.).
  • "Void Claim: new claim number (claim number of the voided claim)" appears in the Description column of the Active AR (both electronic and paper).

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