Complete this task to generate a statement before the regularly scheduled statement cycle. 

You can define what information is included in the demand statement. The demand statement is printed for the individual account and can include either the current activity for open balances only or historical activity for all balances.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information 


From the Act: [ID] > General tab, verify the Send option is selected. If not, select Send.

The Demand Statement button is also available from the Collections / Guarantor / General sub-tab.


Make sure your default printer is set up and ready to print statements.


Click Demand Statement. The Demand Statement window opens.


(Optional) Update the statement message via the following actions:

  • Select the Suppress default statement message option to not include the defined statement message. This will send a blank message on the statement.
  • Open the Override Message drop down list and select a pre-defined override message. The text for the message appears in the text box.
  • Enter text or update a selected override message's text in the free text field.

The message tied to the statement override message appears in the text box. This message will replace the statement message on this statement only. You can modify the text as needed.

If you do not select an override message, the system automatically sends the message indicated on the Practice: [ID] > Statements > Statement Message [day range] field.

4Update the Type selection to define how to print the demand statement: Self-Print or Statement Service.
The Statement Service option is not available if the practice does not use a statement service provider.
5Update the Information option to determine the information to include in the demand statement: Current Activity (Open Balances Only) or Historical Activity (All Balances).
6Click OK. The statement appears in the default preview window.
7Print the statement from the preview window.

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