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The Collections Admin pages are comprised of seven tabs:

The Collector Groups tab is used to create groups of collectors for distribution of guarantor, insurance, and denial collection tasks.

How to Get Here?

To open the Collector Groups tab:

From the Home Page:
From the Menus:
  1. Click Collections Admin from the Admin list.
  2. Click the Collector Groups tab.
  1. Open the Admin menu and select Collections Admin.
  2. Click the Collector Groups tab.


Field Definitions





Collector Groups Section


Group Name

Display Only

(Pulled from created/updated Collector Group)

YesThe name of the collector group.
Distribution Type

Display Only

(Pulled from created/updated Collector Group)


The task distribution type for the group.

  • Auto Distribute will auto-distribute tasks evenly among group team members.
    • For Guarantor, tasks are evenly distributed by collector
    • For Insurance, tasks are grouped by claim and will assign to collector by case (procedures will not be split up)
  • Queue will auto-distribute tasks to a queue that can then be searched in Manage > Collections by team members to see outstanding items and manually take responsibility for the task or reassign to another user.
Associated Collectors Table No

Defines which users are assigned to which collection group.

The Associated Collectors tab is split by practice. Assignments are made by selecting a practice and then selecting the specific user within that practice to associate to the group.

Button Descriptions


Shortcut Keys


Step-by-Step Guides

Create[Alt] + [C]

To create a Collector Group

  1. Click Create in the Collector Groups section. The Create Collector Group window opens.

  2. Enter a Name for the group.

    The Name must be unique.
  3. Open the Distribution Type drop down field and select Queue or Auto Distribute.

  4. Click Save (or Save and Add Next to create additional groups).
Update[Alt] + [U]

To update a Collector Group

  1. Select the collector group to be updated from the Collector Groups section,
  2. Click Update. The Create Collector Group window opens.
  3. Update the Name or Distribution Type as needed.

  4. Click Save.


[Alt] + [D]

To remove an Action or Action Series
  1. Select the collector group to be removed.
  2. Click Delete. The Delete Confirmation window opens.
  3. Click Yes to confirm. The group is deleted.


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