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The Admin menu provides you access to a multitude of administrative task functionality. Practices and all other elements related to medical billing are configured via administrative tasks.

A practice is the business or medical practice under which medical services are provided. Each practice is configured specifically with providers (both rendering and referring), facilities, and payers and plans. This configuration includes all aspects related to billing for services rendered, such as fee schedules and concurrency schemes and rules for generating statements and managing collection efforts.

You create master lists of providers, facilities, payers and plans, concurrency schemes, codes, and processing rules for statements and collections, all of which can be associated with a practice.

The practice configuration is used to support additional Connect functionality, such as:

  • Viewing practice information for procedures, providers, facilities, and patients
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Managing all functions associated with medical billing, such as:
    • Generating claims and billing statements
    • Managing accounts and collection efforts
    • Processing charges and payments


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