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Use this task to add a new Collections Action Series. Action Series are most often used to track and generate collections-related letter activities. An action series is a grouping or collection of actions. The included actions and days between actions are defined within the Action Series.

Common action series used by multiple practices can be shared and re-used by all of them. 

The steps detailed in this topic are for adding an Action Series. See Creating Actions topic for information on creating a new Collections Action.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Collections Admin / Actions & Action Series tab, click Create (or press Alt + C). The Action & Action Series: New page opens:

2Open the Action Type drop down list and select Series.
To create an Action, select Action from this drop down list. See Creating Actions for additional details.

The Collection Letter field is inactive if Series is selected. Collection Letters can only be tied to specific actions.

You'll add letter actions to the series in a later step (below) in the process.

3Open the Collection Type drop down list and select the type of collections action series being created: Guarantor or Insurance.



4Enter a unique name for the Action Series in the Action Name field. 
5(Optional) Select the Inactive checkbox to mark the action series as inactive.

Inactive Actions/Action Series are still included in the Connect system, but will not be available for action creation until returned to Active status.


Select the practice(s) that should be allowed to use the Action Series.

Once a Collection Type and Practice(s) are selected, the Action Series panel is enabled to create actions to be included in the series.

The Action Series will only be available for collections activities for the selected practices.

Click Select All to associate all practices with the action. As a result, the action will be accessible and can be used by any practice.


To begin adding an action to your action series, click Add. The Add Series Action window opens.

8Open the Action drop down list and select the action.

Only actions that were created and associated to the practice are displayed in the drop down list.

If the action has a name in () at the end of it, the information in the () is the collection letter attached to the action.

Selecting an item with a collection letter will auto-populate the Letter field with the Collection Letter Name.

9Enter the number of Days until the action following this one should be performed. 
10Click Save.
Use the Save & Add Next button to add additional actions to the series.
11Repeat the above steps to add all relevant Actions to the Action Series.

An Action Series must include two actions, at minimum.

12Open the Final Action and select the final action of the series.
  • If the series being created is of Guarantor Collection Type, the Final Action options will include: Custom and External Collections.
    • If you select Custom, the Custom Action drop down is enabled for you to select the final action of the series.
    • If you select External Collections, the account will be dropped into pending collections.
  • If the series being created is of Insurance Collection Type, the Final Action option will only include: Custom.
    • Upon selecting Custom, the Custom Action drop down is enabled for you to select the final action of the series.
13Click Apply. 
14Click Save to save and close the page.  




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