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Use this task to create templates for the collection letters to use for guarantor and insurance collections.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information 


From the Collections Admin / Collection Letters tab, click Create. The Collection Page: New page opens.


Enter a Name to identify the collection letter layout.


3Open the Language field and select the language in which the collection letters will be printed.

The letter sent to the patient is based on the language associated to the person (but can be updated in this field). The system does not translate the correspondence; it must be written in the corresponding language.


In the Letter text field, add the text and data fields to include in the collection letter:

  • To include text, type the text in the area of the body where it should appear
  • To add data fields:
    1. Place the mouse cursor in the Letter text field where the data should be added
    2. Select the applicable piece of data from the Available data fields list and either:
      • Double-click it to add it to the letter
      • Drag-and-drop it in the desired location of the letter

The letter is a block letter format with left justified margins and single spacing between paragraphs. To format the letter in another format, manually insert spacing for indention.

To print on letterhead, allow enough space above and below to print. For example, to allow a larger top margin to accommodate a logo and address, insert several lines at the top of the Letter text field before adding the content of the collection letter.

The text in the body of the letter wraps automatically, however, in the Letter Text field, it appears as a single line. It is not necessary to press [Enter] after each line, except when starting a new paragraph.

The data field, {{Letter_Date}}, is the current date, or the date the letter is generated. To date a letter in the future or past, use the following formulas, where n represents the number of days added or subtracted from the current date:

  • {% days +n %}
  • {% days –n %}

For example, if today is 12/23/2016, and the formula {% days +3 %} is entered in the body of the letter, when printed, the date displays as 12/26/2016.


Click Apply.

Any changes to the template must be applied before the letter can be previewed.
6Click Print Preview to preview the letter.



7Make any necessary adjustments to the letter after previewing it. 
8Click Save to save and close the page. The collection letter layout is listed on the Collection Letters Admin page.

Click Close to close the window without saving.

9Link the letter to actions for guarantor or insurance collections in the practice configuration 



The following example shows the layout for a Past Due collection letter.

(Click the image to enlarge.)




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