Complete this task to transfer money directly from an insurance, guarantor, or collections payment to Miscellaneous Income. 

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Payment: New or Payment: [ID] page, click the Misc Income tab.

You can also complete this task from the Distribution: [ID] / Misc Income table.

From the Misc Income tab, click Add (or press Alt + D). The Payment Transfer to Misc Income window opens.

The Check Amount Remaining indicates the amount of the check that has yet to be distributed.
3Enter the amount to distribute to miscellaneous income in the Amount to Transfer to Misc Income field.
4Enter the reason or any additional information related to the transaction in the Note field.
5When you are finished, click Save (or press Alt + S).
The amount entered in the window is recorded as an IPYMT, GPYMT, or EPYMT activity type on the Misc Income page.

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