Complete this task to recoup funds from one external collections payment and distribute it to another. You may distribute the funds to a different account or the same account (e.g., for assigning commission).

This is a two-part process:

  1. Recoup the funds from a particular external collections transaction.
  2. Distribute the recouped funds to another collections payment.
Posting a recoup may be performed after a payment has been refunded to a payer.

Step-By-Step Guide



Additional Information


From the Payment: New or Payment: [ID] page of an external collections payment, click the Recoup tab.


From the Recoup tab, click Recoup (or press Alt + E). The Search Criteria window for the external collections recoup opens.


Use the Search Criteria field to conveniently find the external collections line item from which you want to recoup. The information displays in the External Collections Recoup window.

4Check the Show Zero Balances option to display service fee lines that have a zero balance. After the desired external collections line item has been selected, the Amount and Note fields become available.
5Enter the dollar amount you wish to recoup in the Amount field.
6Enter the reason the funds are being recouped in the Note field.

Do one of the following:

  • To save and add another rescinded payment, click Save and Add Next (or press Alt + V). Repeat steps above for each payment you are rescinding.
  • To save and close, click Save (or press Alt + S). The Recoup window closes and the transactions are listed in the Recoup tab.

8From the Payment / Distributions tab, click Add Next (or press Alt + N). The Add Distribution window opens.
9Distribute the funds that were recouped from the rescinded payments.
10When you are finished, click Save (or press Alt + S).

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