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Solutions offers product support to all of our Connect clients through the Support Center. This fully-automated service provides the advantage of reporting issues directly and tracking tickets at your convenience.

Support Center provides continual communication via e-mails triggered by the activity recorded, for example, submitting a new ticket, updating a ticket, commenting on the issue, or closing the issue once it is resolved. You can add comments and attach documentation to a ticket so that it can be resolved efficiently. The Client Services team will help you resolve each issue as quickly as possible.

Additionally, for clients who subscribe to Solutions maintenance support, we offer product support through an exclusive extranet site. This dedicated site provides answers to your questions.


Submit a Support Ticket: Support Center

Additional Support Contact Options

Phone: 866-634-7377


Reporting an Issue 

When reporting issues, the following information is required:

ApplicationThe name of the application where the problem occurred.

A short, succinct description of the problem.


A detailed description of the problem that includes the following information:

  • Exact wording of any messages that appeared
  • Exact description of what you were doing when the problem occurred 

Provide information about whether the issue occurs in multiple places of the application.  

If the problem occurs in multiple practices, provide practice, account numbers, and transaction details (claim number, payment ID, case ID, and other). 

Steps to ReproduceThe exact steps that must be taken to reproduce the problem.

Adding Comments or Attachments

After you submit the ticket, you can add comments to further identify the issue or attach any documentation that will help Client Services research and resolve your issue.

1Click the View Tickets tab.
2Click the ticket to which you want to add comments or attachments.

Do one of the following:

  • Click Add Comment
  • Click Add Attachment 

Follow the onscreen instructions for the action you are performing.

  • For comments, click Submit to add the comment to the ticket.
  • For attachments, click Done to complete the process. 

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