The Help menu contains menu commands for getting information about working with Connect Back Office and the product version you are currently running.

How to Get Here?

From the Home Page:Via Shortcut Keys:
  • Click Help from the menu bar
  •  [Alt]+[H]


Menu Option Definitions

Menu Option

Shortcut Keys


Help Topics

[Alt]+[H]+[H] or [F1]

Opens the Online Help, which provides useful information for configuring and managing charge batches, payment batches, persons, collections, statement batches, accounts, and organizations.

Press [F1] to open Online Help from any tab or window while working in Back Office.

You can print individual help topics. Use the appropriate command for your web browser.

Health Dashboard


Opens the Health Dashboard to diagnose the health of your computer requirements. Provides feedback on how well the computer is meeting the minimum or recommended requirements for running Connect. The screen can be captured and provided to the Support Team or your IT organization to identify potential issues or performance shortcomings. 




Opens the About Connect Back Office window where you can verify which version of the product you are currently running.

Capture Screenshot

[Alt]+[H]+[C] or [F12]

Opens a Print window that allows you to send an image of the currently displayed page to your local printer, fax machine/software, image capture program, or PDF program.

Clear Cache[Alt]+[H]+[L]Deletes cached data for the application.
Clear Image Cache[Alt]+[H]+[I]Deletes cached images from user .tmp folder.

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