Complete this task to log into the Connect Back Office application.

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Access Connect Back Office. The Connect login window opens.


Enter your Connect Back Office URL to access the environment in the https:// field.

Once entered initially, it will be available from the https:// drop down list for easy selection.

3Enter your user name in the Username field.
4Enter your password in the Password field.

The password is case sensitive. It must be at least six characters and must contain at least one number and one uppercase letter. The password cannot be the same as your username.

5Click Login. The Connect Back Office application opens with the Home page displayed. 
Up to three pages can be set to automatically open upon logging in via your preferences.

The first time logging in after the Connect application has been updated (i.e., a new Release deployed), a prompt will display to inform you the application has been updated with a link to the latest Release Notes to review the updates or changes that have been made. 

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