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About Connect Help

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Welcome to Connect, a platform consisting of multiple applications used for managing elements related to medical billing.

The Help Documentation guides you through using Connect via topics which provide:

  • Page, window, and field definitions
  • Step-by-step guides for common system processes
  • Links to helpful training videos and support documentation
  • Access to current and past release notes



Connect Help is currently under construction. Additional topics are forthcoming and will be added to the site as they are written.


The latest Connect release is 21.23. Highlights of this release include the following:

AMA Copyright Notice

  • The AMA copyright notice was added to the Procedure Codes page in Connect as well as the End User License Agreement (EULA). 

Code Updates

  • Updated Connect Codes with: 
    • COVID-19 ICD-10 codes
    • Q1 CCI Edits
    • RVU

Image Viewer

  • Added a visual indicator to the Image Viewer page to provide status of the image loading progress on the page.
  • Fixed Fit Page and Fit Width functionality on the Image Viewer page to properly display images based on selection.
  • Improved Image Viewer performance (speed). 


Expanded the AQI and ePreop reports to include all procedure codes, both anesthesia and non-anesthesia, in order to accommodate all report requirements

Charge Batches

  • Modified functionality to auto-refresh the Charge Batch / EDC File tab to display an EDC file being linked to a currently open Charge Batch.

Collection Admin

  • Resolved issue causing the default group saved to an insurance collections task via the Collections Admin / Insurance Collections tab from displaying with the correct value.

Denial Codes

  • Resolved issue preventing user from entering 253 for the Reason Code and successfully saving.


  • Resolved issue causing the EDC – Connect XML to only pull the first four diagnosis codes when creating a case.

Fee Schedules

  • Removed system requirement to enter values in the Base Units and Time Units fields of the Supervising Provider Billing section on the Fee Schedule / Anesthesia Billing Information tab.
  • Resolved issue preventing saving fee schedule updates.

Image Management

  • Fixed issue preventing images being imported via PDF from being imported in the correct order.


  • Changed the default selection of the AQI XML Version field on the Practice / Miscellaneous tab to 2021 Version 1.

Payment Batches

  • Logic added to validate payment check dates to confirm it is not a date prior to 1900 or in the future.


  • Fixed issue causing the Remittance Address field to be disabled when updating a Practice.


  • Updated the Deluxe DLM105 refund check to have information printed on both the top and bottom stubs.


  • Resolved issue causing an error when trying to generate the Adhoc Report: Insurance Collection Actions – Detail Topic in Reportal.

Small Balance Writeoff

  • Resolved issue preventing users from posting a small balance writeoff for amounts >$999.99.


  • Added Include on Account in Statement Balance option to the Suppression section of the Practice: [name] / Statements tab.

To view the full release notes for the current Connect release, click here

titleLatest Training Tutorials

Some Help topics include video tutorials, which provide visual, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. Click one of the links below to access the topics with related videos.

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